A Letter to Ron Paul

From Joe Six-Pack

This letter was sent to Ron Paul through www.Congress.org, and included my identity.


October 20th, 2008

Honorable Ron Paul:

I realize that you have removed yourself as a candidate for president. I also realize you kept some avenues open in recent weeks, and have endorsed other candidates. Mr. Paul, I am asking you to reconsider and reannounce your acceptance as a write-in candidate at minimum. Mr. Paul, you are the only candidate from a major party who understands what is happening in the financial system. Neither Barak Obama nor John McCain have demonstrated any knowledge, nor have they warned the public about the collapse of the financial system.

You have drafted HR2755 (Federal Reserve Abolition Act) in 2007. You have repeatedly warned about what is happening, long before it did happen, while it was happening, and as it continues to happen.

Mr. Paul in short, we need you for President. Joe Six-Pack supports you, and has written a letter to the American people advising them to write you in for president. Joe Six-Pack even advises the delegates that if they determine that their chosen candidate was an unwise choice, they may Constitutionally change their vote. This is not what anyone wants to happen, but given that neither of the current party candidates have even a clue as to what is happening (or worse, if they do and are not talking), we may have no choice in order to save the republic.

Mr. Paul, some who would support you (www.FedUpUSA.org for instance) feel that you were too easy on Bernanke and Paulson during the recent bail-out hearings. They also feel that you did not work hard enough over the years on the Financial Services committee to persuade others to follow you. I respectfully sugest you give some explanation for this.

Mr. Paul, please consider reannouncing your intent to be elected.

God Bless,